Checklist For Buying A Preowned Porsche

Looking to buy a new or used car from a Porsche dealer? Does it feel a bit risky to buy Porsche? Read out these tips on how you can choose a right Porsche dealer.

The better you know your Porsche, the more you will value.


• Check out several models

• Test drive and check the car

• Make sure the seller owns the cars

• Write a purchase contract

• Submit change of ownership documents

Search the market:

Even if you know which vehicle you're looking for, it is good to look around and get a picture of the price situation. The price for the same car can vary widely.

Check with the seller:

Try to figure out who owns the car, how long he owned the car and if the car is bought on credit or cash. Avoid sellers who more or less are not car dealers, as they are usually recognized by many car ads or short ownership periods.

Choose a good condition car with essential safety features:

Safety is the most important factor for you and your family, so try to buy a good condition vehicle that includes some safety features like whiplash protection, traction control system, theft control system and at least four, if possible five stars.

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Check the car:

It is you as a buyer are responsible for monitoring vehicle condition. Examine it carefully before you decide that you do not stand there with a problem after purchase.

Test drive the vehicle:

Most of the technicians say you should test drive the car for at least 30 minutes. Then you get the time to check all the features of the car. For example;

  • Look for rust. Check out the car body. Lift the carpet and spare wheel. Watch the thresholds for traces of rust or bearings.
  • Open the bonnet. Is it oily and dirty? It may be due to lack of maintenance.
  • Check that the oil is "clean" - not black.
  • Find out how many keys are in the car. The car key is a valuable document, and if missing anyone, it should be immediately coded away from your vehicle's computer.

Calculate the total cost:

Also, the purchase price affects the tax, insurance, fuel, maintenance and repairs cost of the car. Try to search as much information as possible before you buy it.

Written Agreement:

When buying from a private seller, you can write your own contract and decide what works for your particular business. The agreement must be fair and must not be beneficial for one party. Use a purchase contract and enter everything you will agree. Make two copies of this contract, one for the buyer and other for a seller.

Contact a dealer:

Whether you want to buy a new Porsche or a used one, buying from a dealer can save your time and effort.

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